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Saskia de Roguemont has a secret, one that's eaten her from within for almost ten years. The brittle socialite in the mirror might look perfect from the outside, but inside her life is spiraling out of control. She knows she's standing on the brink of destruction, but she can't seem to stop. Doesn't deserve to stop. When a man she never thought she'd see again barges back into her life, she remembers what it's like to feel again, even if that feeling is utter hatred.

Callan Buchanon never thought he'd be lucky enough to see Saskia again, and now that he's found her, he'll do whatever he has to do to stay -- and to help her defeat her demons, even if she doesn't want to be helped. The electricity between them is just as undeniable as ever, but Saskia's secret holds a power over him too, and could destroy every good thing he's built in his life. 

Together they must learn to trust and forgive. But Callan has a secret of his own, one that will change everything Saskia thought she knew about herself and her family. Will the scars of the past deny them a future, or can they learn to forgive for the sake of what could have been?

A story of bitter betrayal, soul-shaking devotion, and crushing loss. 


Cat Morgan knows exactly what she wants, and she's well on her way to getting it -- or him, rather. Adrien de Roguemont looks like Apollo, parties like Dionysus, and like every other hallowed Roguemont son, has the power and the bank account to make Zeus envious. With his sea-blue eyes and his yacht and his shameless dirty humor, Adrien is every girl's dream. But she doesn't have to fight for him -- he wants her just as she wants him, maybe even more.

But an ill-fated return to Midsomer brings her face to face with all six feet-plus inches of the only man she's never been able to forget -- burly, rugged Gavin St. John. He's everything she despises -- hard working, humble, kind. He's as stubborn as an ox and is firmly planted in Midsomer, the only place in the world she's sworn she'll never live. And in Cat, he sees something she's spent years running from, something he won't let her forget. 

When Gavin's -- and Midsomer's -- biggest secret threaten everything the de Roguemont family stands for, Cat will have to choose sides, and her decision is much bigger than two men -- bigger than all of Midsomer. 

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