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Featuring Gideon and Milly

Gideon Chase de Roguemont has successfully avoided his family's ancestral estate in Midsomer for exactly ten years. As the head of the most powerful family in England, his life is full of boardrooms and ballrooms and bedrooms, equally lavish, and lately, equally lacking. When life drives him back to Eden Hall, the last thing he expects to find is a little American trespassing in his garden, like a stray kitten lost in the rain. 

He's not her type. Moody and overbearing, genius and manipulating, seductive and unpredictable -- Gideon operates on a level that Milly Carmichael wants nothing to do with. Midsomer is her last chance to pick up the pieces of  her life from the shattered pile of the past, and Gideon is a complication she can neither trust nor afford. 

Neither of them have time for distractions, but fate doesn't own a watch, and she won't come back later.

Together they must decide if what happens under the Midsomer Moon is worth the sacrifice of changing everything, or losing each other forever.

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