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A.H. MacKenna grew up in a nice, well-groomed town in Mississippi and spent her formative years riding horses and making up stories (mostly about horses). It took 5 universities (spread out over 3 states, 2 countries, and 7 years) to finally get her Bachelor's Degree, which, while the acquiring of was an enjoyable experience, she now only uses to impress strangers at parties. Along the way she met her rocket scientist/jet pilot/rugby player hybrid of a husband, and together with their two children, Queenie and Roar, they live wherever the military tells them to. 

Ms. MacKenna is currently working on the next book in the Midsomer Series while simultaneously caring for a small human overlord. She has yet to receive any award or recognition for this feat of multi-tasking. In her spare time, which is mostly fictional, she enjoys reading, napping, and ending sentences in prepositions.

If she ever comes up missing, please check the most obscure corners of Wikipedia, as she is probably still there and helpless to find her own way out. Bring snacks.

*This is also my Facebook profile picture -- find me and say hello!

For more about the author's TITHE program, click here.

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